#BalooLabour: Starmer lies like a Tory too

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Sir Keir Starmer denies calling for UK to stay in the European Medicines Agency despite records showing he did

Trilateral Commission member and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer denied saying the UK should stay in the European Medicines Agency (EMA) despite official records showing he called for just that at least twice in the past.

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions today on the response to the pandemic, Boris Johnson said: “If we had listened to [Sir Keir] we would still be at the starting blocks because he wanted to stay in the European medicines agency and said so four times from that despatch box.”

But Sir Keir responded: “Complete nonsense. Don’t let the truth get in the way of a pre-prepared gag.

“The Prime Minister knows I’ve never said that, from this despatch box or anywhere else, the truth escapes him.”

However, Hansard – which is the official records of exchanges in Parliament – shows that twice in January 2017, when Sir Keir was Shadow Brexit Secretary, he said the EMA should be one of the parts of the EU the UK should remain a part of after Brexit.

This video shows Sir Keir Starmer unequivocally saying the UK should stay within the EMA. Sir Keir Starmer did express his support for the European Medicines Agency during a speech in the Commons. A position that as now proved would have left the UK lagging in the covid vaccine rollout

In his speech, he said: “Why would we want to be outside of the European Medicines Agency which ensures all medicine in the EU are safe and effective… these are bits of the EU we should retain and not throw away.” 

We expect Tory lies but when a Labour Party MP lies he shames us all. Watch the video below.

Of course since Starmer was elected as Labour Party Leader he as dramatically distanced himself from all things EU especially the vote losing second referendum that witnessed Labours red wall crash and the loss of 52 leave voting seats.

The EU vaccination programme has been a relative disaster.

Plans have been put in place to prevent the export of vaccines created on the Continent over fears pharmaceutical firms will not fulfil their contracts with the EU. 

While the main issue revolves around AstraZeneca, Pfizer has also been affected since it has production sites in Belgium.

The European Medicines Agency only approved the AstraZeneca vaccine last week whereas the UK has been inoculating its population since the beginning of January. 

The EU Commission also attempted to install a hard border across Northern Ireland by triggering Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

The article allows the EU or UK to suspend parts of the agreement in extreme cases and would mean both sides would have to negotiate a solution. 

However, the move was quickly retracted after condemnation from countries around the world and for the fact the EU had campaigned against a Northern Ireland hard border during the Brexit process. 

A recent video produced by Politics Joe – I Wanna Be Like You Keir Starmer ft. Boris Johnson – I Wanna Be Like You ?? #BalooLabour shows how the public really sees Sir Keir Starmer.

Left wing supporters have always held their politicians to higher standards than what we expect from the Tories, it seems very few Labour politicians meet our expectations today. #LabourLeaks

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