A New Beginning – The Death of Neoliberalism

Death of Neoliberalism
A New Beginning – The Death of Neoliberalism

In Mexico on 18th March 2019, Neoliberalism was, -to all intents and purposes, -abolished by President Obrado, in favour of a new economic plan. This means that -at long last, -the first country in the world to outlaw Neoliberalism, has finally raised its head above the parapet.

It also means, that the evil economic policy of pillage and prosper, privatisation and corruption, -an evil monster which should never have been released from the bowels of Mother Earth, -will hopefully be consigned to history.

The nightmare existence brought about by Privatisation, coupled with its partner Corruption, -for both actions go hand in glove with each other, -will, for one country at least, be over in these early decades of the 21st Century…

Those left behind, -‘The Walking Dead’ of Britain, and America, and of course Fortress Europe, who practice the evil art of Laissez-Faire, will have to find somewhere else to infest. However, it probably won’t be above ground, as nations become less tolerant of being ‘taken for a ride,’ by extreme right-wing Capitalism.

Neoliberalism, wherever it rears its ugly head, leads to social injustice. A lack of investment in public services and welfare systems allows those who can, to ride roughshod over the general populace. Where neglect of human rights is the norm. and where endemic corruption within government and authoritative departments, is causal of all crime which often trickles down from the highest to the lowest levels within a population.

Mexico has suffered four decades of Neoliberalism. A system of government, or lack of it, which abandoned its people, as it determined to uphold the lifestyles of its favoured few.

Four decades one may say, sounds a familiar length of time to have suffered Neoliberal discomfort. It is familiar because four decades is exactly how long ago, Margaret Thatcher brought Neoliberalism to our shores.

Her Hollywood heartthrob, Ronald Reagan, also took it to America. However, the instigator of all things Neoliberal was their great friend Augusto Pinochet of Chile, who in 1975 introduced it to Chile, and indeed the world. (1)

Neoliberalism is the ideology that emphasizes the value of free market competition. Although there is considerable debate as to the defining features of Neoliberal thought and practice, it is most commonly associated with laissez-faire economics.

In particular, Neoliberalism is often characterized in terms of its belief in sustained economic growth, as the means to achieve human progress. Its confidence in free markets as the most-efficient allocation of resources, its emphasis on minimal state intervention in economic and social affairs, and its commitment to the freedom of trade and capital.(2)

Laissez-faire, (a hands-off approach), or the freedom, or liberty of individuals and private commerce, against the excessive power of government. A belief that markets are governed by an “invisible hand” and thus should be subject to minimal government interference. But this lack of government control, for that, is all it is, leads, in time, to poverty and inequality, disease, discrimination, and ignorance, which are created or exacerbated by uncontrolled, unfettered, capitalism.

The only way to counter such inadequacy is to involve direct state intervention. Such measures were brought to bear in greater abundance just before, and just after World War ll, with the inception of the welfare state and the peoples’ NHS in Britain.

By the 1970s, however, economic stagnation and increasing public debt prompted some economists to advocate a return to a new form of Liberalism, which became known as Neoliberalism. influencing the business cycle (see also monetarism).

Their views were enthusiastically embraced by the major conservative political parties in Britain and the United States, which achieved power with the lengthy administrations of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (1979–90) and U.S. Pres. Ronald Reagan (1981–89).

Neoliberal ideology and policies became increasingly influential, as illustrated by the Labour Party’s official abandonment of its commitment to the “common ownership of the means of production” by Tony Blair in 1995, as national economies became more interdependent in the new era of economic globalization, Neoliberals also promoted free-trade policies and the free movement of international capital.

That is, until 2007 when the financial crisis and Great Recession in the United States and western Europe led some economists and political leaders to reject the Neoliberals’ insistence on free market operation, whereby the ‘System ruled the State,’ and to call instead for greater government regulation of the financial and banking industries, sensibly wherein, the ‘State ruled the System.’

In 2017, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party inflicted a shock voting result and overturned the Tory government’s majority. Since then, everyone who doubted Corbyn began to think, – maybe this guy is here to stay?

Now, – some were overjoyed (Socialists), – some were extremely worried (Neoliberals), – and some wondered what the hell had hit them. (Tories) Two years down the line, people are still feeling the same thoughts. Some though, are now playing plain dirty!

It was polling day, and Theresa May had called a snap general election, thinking that she would walk away with a landslide victory for both her as leader and for the Tory Party. … She did neither…

Jeremy Corbyn returned to lead the Labour Party once more with increased membership, and increased number of seats in Parliament. On that same day, Chris Williamson was also returned as MP for Derby North.

Chris Williamson is a life-long campaigner against racism and Anti-Semitism, but that doesn’t matter it would appear, for on the other side of the coin, he is also a committed friend and follower of Jeremy Corbyn, and that is the reason why he has been suspended from the Labour party, let nobody tell you any different!

The fact that he vigorously denounces Anti-Semitism and racism, is of no consequence to these vindictive Neoliberal liars, for now, these ‘Witch Finder Generals’ only have to proclaim you as A-S, and suddenly, you are! ….
How amazing is that?

The whole issue of A-S, is nothing more than troublemaking, vexatious, inflammatory, derogatory, and downright bloody mendacious allegations of anti-Semitism, from the State of Israel and its duplicitous hideous little buddies of the ‘forked tongue, and clubbed foot!’

Jeremy Corbyn himself, had defended Chris Williamson just a few weeks before, in an interview, when he said that Chris is a very good, very effective Labour MP. He is a very strong anti-racist campaigner and is not anti-Semitic in any way.

This action by right-wing lying Neoliberals within and their close contacts of the equally duplicitous mainstream media was fabricated in order to get Williamson suspended, purely to add further pressure against Jeremy Corbyn and his loyal supporters.

Since 2017, Chris Williamson has been a fierce critic of the Israeli State, for its crimes against the people of Palestine. He has also campaigned for the Right-wing PLP Neoliberals, to be held fully accountable to the grassroots rank and file membership, and that all Labour Party MPs must undergo mandatory re-selection before every General Election.

Clearly, those MPs who diligently carry out their duties would have very little to fear, However, the Neoliberal – ‘Gravy Train’ freeloaders, (and everyone knows who they are), would lose their coveted acquisitive existence. Now then, this is the whole reason why disingenuous people cry Anti-Semitism. But they aren’t crying Anti-Semitism, are they? They ‘cry wolf,’ and for all those on the Left, -it’s one time too many!

Last year’s rule change at Party conference, making it easier for Constituency Labour Parties to trigger a reselection process when holding their MP to account was not something that the Neoliberal Gravy Train Travellers enjoyed at all, for now, these parasites of parliament stood to be shot at. Their plush freeloading lifestyle was under threat at long last.

Using Anti-Semitism as a weapon to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, MPs; and the grassroots membership is nothing less than contemptible. But then again, they who stoop to Neoliberalism are loathsome creatures anyway.

Neoliberalism and those who practice it, have come from nowhere and are going nowhere. They blew in to the Labour Party on a ‘Devil Wind,’ from where, no one knows, and they settled on the Socialist Labour Party, which was then in turmoil for other reasons. The ‘cuckoo of politics’ had laid its egg in another bird’s nest, and had infested therein.

Now, however, the infestation is being treated with socialist ‘Corbynite,’ to the point where the treatment will be the cause of the total eradication of Neoliberalism, worldwide.

Many within the Jewish community have spoken out against the use of their culture as a weapon. A lot of Jewish people are deeply ashamed of those among them who attack Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party and use falsehood to do so.

Margaret Hodge, however, makes artificial comments, as do others such as Tom Watson and John Mann, who superficially caused the Party to lose Ken Livingstone, -also of the Left…. It’s always the Left… Never from the Neoliberal, or Right! A fact which serves to answer one glaring anomaly….

It is purely, vindictive acts of violence and damaging episodes, which are being deliberately orchestrated by the Right, The Neoliberals, and those fallacious followers of the State of Israel… Those who seek to undemocratically destabilise the lawful Labour Party Leader and his followers.

Though it is true that some of these soporific parasites have moved on to another makeshift abode, it has still not removed the actions of these saboteurs from trying more dastardly destruction. However, it can only be looked upon as futile rear-guard actions of futility.

Over time, these anarchists have attacked many others from the Left, but we must be strong enough now to stand firm against them in order to ensure that they leave the portals of Left socialism forever.

Many on the Left, the author included, have said from the time that Corbyn became surprise leader, that we should not trust these Blairite interlopers. Jeremy Corbyn said to everyone, hold out the hand of friendship and work with the Neoliberal contingents.

Many Labour Left maintained then, and do even more so now, that they should not hold out the hand of friendship, for the duplicitous Right, and the ravages of time have proved that the sceptics were indeed correct in their measured assumptions.

These people from the Neoliberal enclaves of the underworld, do not want unification, they want the Party all for themselves, and the Left would be fools to let them have it…Neoliberals did not have anywhere to live until they infested the Labour Party.

As socialists in this defining moment in the history of the Socialist Labour Party, We must stand firm by our membership and our convictions… For anyone to say that we do not need a Right Wing to the Labour Party would be utter folly. Of course, we need a Right, but not this Neoliberal Right. Our Right must come from within our own Socialist membership, not from another failed party.

Neoliberalism and Socialism are two different animals, and as such, they could never hope to come together and work in harmony, – dissonance would always ensue.

However, for people within our own Socialist mindset, then our own ‘Right’ and ‘Moderate’ sections could evolve. This would allow ‘Militancy’ when needed, and moderation when not. Thus, promoting a truly healthy Socialist Labour Party, a Party of unity, working for those who were oppressed, speaking for those who were unable to put their point of view forward for themselves, and ensuring above all else: – That which worked correctly for one, worked correctly for everyone!

Don’t throw away that chance. Stand behind the Good people of the Party, -for there are hundreds of thousands of them, -and dispense with the bad, for they are an inferior number!… Let those Neoliberalites dig a deep enough hole, and hopefully, they will bury themselves in it…..forever!

(1) Robert Packenham & William Ratliff Hoover Institution
(2) Nicola Smith – Encyclopaedia Britannica

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