A fitting tribute: Let’s get Dennis Skinner in the charts with Tony Skinner’s Lad


Tony Skinner’s Lad is a tribute song to the Beast of Bolsover Dennis Skinner, we all think a fitting tribute to one of Britain’s favourite Politicians would be to get the song into the charts.

Crispin Flintoff from Stand up for Labour asked if we could help promote Robb Johnson single ‘Tony Skinner’s Lad’, a tribute to the legend that is Dennis Skinner.

Having lived in Bolsover for a few years Dennis’s old constituency, before moving a few miles down the road to Chesterfield. I thought it the least I could do to help. Lets all see if we can get the support to launch this song into the download charts.

You can download the song Tony skinners Lad here: LINK

If you need any insperation lets have a little look back at some of Dennis most memorable moments in politics

Dennis Skinner visited care homes to sing to patients with dementia

Dennis Skinner is known for his firebrand politics, steadfast beliefs, annual heckles, being chucked out of Parliament and antagonising the Tories, especially David Cameron.

But what few people know about the Beast of Bolsover and the work he did outside of politics to help the community. Mr Skinner revealed he visits care facilities to sing to patients with dementia in a bid to help them retain some of their rapidly fading memories.

Dennis sang to his late mother when she was diagnosed with the disease and was inspired by her ability to recall old songs. For the past eight years, he has also been singing to elderly patients with dementia in Derbyshire care homes.

Mr Skinner’s late mother Lucy was diagnosed with dementia in the 1980s. He told BBC presenter Jeremy Vine she would often sing while doing household tasks, so when her memory began to falter, he started singing to her. The veteran Labour MP says that after a few seconds of serenading her with Gracie Fields and Vera Lynn, she would show a glimmer of recognition and join in. When his sister was then diagnosed with dementia, he had the same experience with her.

Mr Skinner sang in the school choir and would sing in clubs and pubs while working as a coal miner, developing a passion for music.

Some of Dennis best bits

Let’s get Dennis Skinner in the charts. Download links here ? The deadline for the charts is Thursday at 11:59pm.
Download links here ?

Music video. Tony Skinner’s Lad by Robb Johnson & The Irregulars. The Irregulars are: John Forrester – bass & backing vocals Arvin Johnson – percussion Fae Simon – backing vocals Recorded by Ali Gavan, Brighton Road Studios

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