2024 The Uninspiring Duo: The Comming of The Great Electoral Swindle

The Iron Heel
“We will grind you revolutionists down under our heel, and we shall walk upon your faces. The world is ours, we are its lords, and ours it shall remain. - Jack London, The Iron Heel. Democracy is in the hands of the ochlarchy

Tories and Labour, Architects of the 2024 Electoral Swindle

As we stand on the threshold of 2024, a looming certainty awaits us—the inevitable occurrence of a general election. The intricate web of parliamentary affairs, tainted by tiers of corruption, is poised for a seismic shuffle; its wings on both sides of the house will flutter briefly before settling down, seemingly renewed. Yet, amidst this political choreography, a disheartening truth will persist: the upcoming UK general election promises a singular outcome—the continued disappointment of the people.

In a disconcerting display, both major parties showcase their inadequacies to govern, rendering 2024 a disheartening race to the bottom, where the victor seems inconsequential in the face of shared shortcomings.

A 2024 election will be nothing more than a pitiful charade, offering only varying shades of terrible leadership. On one side sit the insipid Tories, that craven and useless band of out-of-touch so-called elitists. After years of plunder and misrule to enrich their cronies, they will have the audacity to ask us to entrust them again. As if the foxes have not gorged enough on the henhouse!

And who stands against them? The directionless Labour Party, now led by Sir Keir Starmer who could not inspire a hungry dog to beg at his table. This party of the people has forgotten the people. They ape the Tories‘ cruel assaults on the vulnerable as they desperately chase votes at any moral cost. You could fit the difference between them on the back of a postage stamp and still find room to write your shopping list.

The poll shows widespread disillusionment with both Labour and the Conservatives.


They have both failed to inspire, to offer a vision to a struggling nation. Polls reveal widespread voter disenchantment with the directionless Conservatives and visionless Labour. Just 15% express certainty in backing Starmer’s party, with 43% calling Labour unready. Yet the verdict is even more damning for the Tories – a mere 15% view them as fit to continue leading.

This shows a nation disillusioned with its choice of potential governments. Many who reject the incumbents do not necessarily embrace Labour as an alternative. They may return to the Tories, but not in numbers great enough to close the polling gap. However, we’ve been here before. The polls give a snapshot of disillusionment, not the reality of an ‘X‘ on a ballot.

In essence, both big parties have lost the trust of voters. One is deemed inept after years mismanaging government. The other appears an incoherent opposition devoid of inspiring policy. Stuck between inadequate options, the electorate sighs with apathy.

Come 2024, many will hold their nose and opt for the least bad choice. Some will stay home in disgust, reasoning that participating only validates a broken system. Either way, the victors will assume power lacking a genuine mandate.

But this nadir in public confidence was inevitable. With corporate lobbying and donor influence strangling true representation, we slouch towards ever more unaccountable government by an out-of-touch elite.

Tory, Labour – Same Difference…

Big Brother Banking
Big Brother Banking

I say a plague on both their houses. These two wings of the Uniparty Party, blinded by greed and hubris, have failed the citizens they are supposed to represent. But fret not, gentle reader. Do not resign yourself dejectedly to choosing between the least-worst options.

There is nothing inevitable about this coming electoral swindle. The cure for such a diseased system starts with ordinary citizens rediscovering their own strength. You need not defer to those who have led you into this morass. New parties, new voices, new hope awaits if the people demand it.

The policies needed to rejuvenate the UK – rooting out corruption, revitalising communities, investing in sustainable futures – a real industrial policy – will not emerge from these entrenched party machines. Only a new politics of integrity has hope of restoring faith that those in power serve the people, not their own interests.

We really do need a new party that can offer us new hope, a Vox populi, a party for the people by the people. And right now until you put your ‘X‘ on the ballot power remains with you, the people. Do not settle for the race to the bottom these failed parties have engineered. Demand the leadership you deserve, the vision and integrity sorely lacking. Take inspiration from history – the people united can transform even the most stubborn status quo.

Until then, elections will remain a charade of false choice between lesser evils. Come 2024, brace for more bitter gruel served with a side of cynicism. The race to the bottom continues, and it is the people condemned to lose.

Take heart that a brighter dawn always follows the darkest night. Raise your voices, and it shall come sooner than you think. Have faith in people, not politicians. And let us consign this tired charade of a parliament to the scrap heap of history where it belongs. New parties, new voices, new hope awaits if the people demand it. The future is yours to claim.

– Paul Knaggs

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