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Paul Knaggs

Labour Heartlands

Editor Labour Heartlands, Labour Party member and activist. Editor NBN. Paul was brought up and raised in a South Yorkshire pit village the son of a coal face miner he joined the British Army in 1984 during the pit strike. Paul is a military veteran and as always remained Left wing. Throughout Pauls' constantly changing life socialism has been constant. Paul is also a member of the True Labour Movement.

Latest Articles

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Labour do not betray the people! Why would a working class man from Barnsley part of the Labour Heartlands attack Labour and in particularly Keir...

Meaningful Vote

EU Thinks Parliamentary Power Wastes of Time. Conservative rebels inflicted a humiliating defeat on Theresa May in the House of Commons as they backed an...


Nationalisation Jeremy Corbyn claimed a socialist manifesto might be restricted by the European Union’s rules on state aid if the UK tried to stay in...

Human Rights

What’s the difference between the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights? Here’s a handy survival guide.  Britain voted to leave the European...

Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main

Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main We are proud to announce the OFFICIAL VIDEO to accompany the single 'Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main' by Joe Solo & The...

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