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Paul Knaggs

Labour Heartlands

Editor Labour Heartlands, Labour Party member and activist. Editor NBN. Paul was brought up and raised in a South Yorkshire pit village the son of a coal face miner he joined the British Army in 1984 during the pit strike. Paul is a military veteran and as always remained Left wing. Throughout Pauls' constantly changing life socialism has been constant. Paul is also a member of the True Labour Movement.

Latest Articles

She’s a Fracking Traitor, Former Labour MP Natascha Engel

The pro-fracking former Labour MP, Natascha Engel, is the new commissioner for shale gas, the government announced yesterday. Ms Engel initially opposed fracking when Ineos announced plans...

70% of Labour Constituencies Voted to Leave the EU!

70% of Labour Constituencies voted to Leave the EU! David Mallon delegate from Blyth valley CLP. David Mallon talked passionately at the Labour Party conference imploring...

Corbyn can deliver Brexit!

The conference has finished and after a rousing, fantastic speech with standing ovations, Jeremy Corbyn told Theresa May: "if you can’t negotiate that deal then...